Rent a Vaporizer

We offer a choice of the best vaporizers on the market – for rental & testing at home. So you can try out the devices at home in peace and quiet and convince yourself of the advantages of a good vaporizer.

The main advantages of a good vaporizer are:

– better taste

– much less pollutants and far better for your health

– up to 75% more efficiency

– there is no smoke, i.e. it does not stink and you can also enjoy the device comfortably on the sofa and the scent will disappear after a short opening of the windows.

Prices / Rental fees:

CHF/weekCHF/monthDeposit (CHF)
Volcano Hybrid45125200

And this is how it works: To rent a vaporizer, you can simply come to our shop in Zurich or contact us by e-mail at: