CBD Weed flowers
What are CBD flowers and how do they work?
Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa belongs to the plants of the genus Hemp (Cannabis), from the family of the Hemp Family (Cannabaceae).

The main ingredients of the cannabis plant, which arise mainly in the flowers of the female plant, are the famous tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD).

The THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis and causes the famous “high”, whereas the CBD component does not have a psychoactive effect, but more medically, pleasantly relaxing and calming for the body and mind.

But there are hundreds of other cannabinoids and various ingredients such as terpenes, terpenoids or flavonoids in this ingenious cannabis plant.

The cannabinoids (especially THC and CBD) are the psychoactive and medicinal ingredients of the cannabis plant and the terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids are the components that make up the smell, color, aroma and specific effect of a cannabis plant. This makes one strain more creative, active (Sativa) and another strain more relaxed and balanced (Indica).

The concentration or the proportions of the different ingredients vary from variety to variety and from plant to plant and make up the specific and diverse effects of the cannabis variety – from relaxing, calming to stimulating creativity and energy.

It is important here that the full positive effect of the cannabis plant arises above all from the combined effect of the many different ingredients, in contrast to the pure intake of only one of the components, e.g. with pure CBD isolate.

Our CBD flowers all come from Switzerland and are grown under the most careful and strictly controlled conditions and all contain a THC value of less than 1% and therefore very high CBD values ​​of up to 26%.
Origin – Best CBD quality through the most careful production
When growing and especially when harvesting and drying our CBD flowers, we attach great importance to the highest quality. Our flowers are only finely and usually trimmed by hand after a slow drying and then for several weeks, up to 2 months, slowly cured (fermented) to produce a perfect, sticky, fragrant and tasty end product of the highest quality.

The fermentation slowly removes the moisture from the pre-dried cannabis flowers and the chlorophyll is broken down by bacteria and microorganisms naturally contained in the plant. The cannabinoid acids THC A, CBD A are converted into the main active ingredients THC and CBD.

Fermentation is the process that significantly increases the quality of the weed and gives it a unique, long-term taste and fragrance. Only good drying and subsequent storage can produce a product of the highest quality, which is many times stronger and yet much milder when smoking – without scratching your throat.
How are CBD weed flowers consumed and dosed?
CBD flowers can be consumed in a variety of ways. In the classic way, the flowers can of course be made small and smoked, or inhaled as steam. There are modern devices for this purpose, such as so-called vaporizers. Of course, there are also no limits to consumption in the form of consumption, so you can pour or process the flowers as tea and mix the ingredients with e.g. Extract oil or butter to use in all kinds of food and baked goods or even in various drinks, there are plenty of recipes to be found on the Internet.

The dosage is at the discretion of the consumer, because the exact CBD content of a flower is very difficult to determine and can also vary among the different varieties. The type of consumption is also decisive. CBD extracts such as oil or wax usually have a higher proportion of active ingredients than CBD flowers. With longer storage, the amount of active ingredient in the flowers can decrease, as can the intensity.