More bongs and pipes in our head shop
There is a huge range of bongs and pipes on the market. Many different manufacturers offer the most varied versions of hookahs and classic pipes. We offer our customers a selected range, which we always expand with goods of the best quality at fair prices, so that all types of consumption of CBD products can be covered.

Bongs made of glass are particularly popular because they are said to have a pleasantly neutral taste. Of course, glass bongs also come with a number of accessories, for example there is a quartz banger head for consumption in the form of dabbing, which has a temperature display in the core so that an ideal result can be achieved in steam generation. Spare parts such as chillums complete the diverse range and can be used for various bongs, here you only have to pay attention to the dimensions and the cut size. CBD consumers who not only use their bong at home, but also transport it from time to time, like to use acrylic bongs as an alternative to a glass bong, as they are shatterproof and usually have a metal chillum. There are also some models here, which are sometimes available as ice bong for a maximum chilled smoking experience.

We know that bong smoking is not for everyone, which is why we also thought of classic pipe smokers. No water is necessary because the smoke is usually inhaled unfiltered. Mankind has been using pipes for hundreds of years, so it is not surprising that there are an incredible number of models. A popular classic is the wooden pipe. The CBD Weed is placed in the head of the wooden pipe and fired at its own discretion. The smoke is sucked in by a straw attached to the head, which is shaped differently, the length is also different. Pipes are not only made from wood, but also from glass, acrylic or metal. There are also variants made of clay or similar. Each consumer has to decide for himself which material is preferred.